Turn Your Fundraising Into a Money-Making, Automated Sales Machine...

"Who Else Wants To Find Out How To Get Their Community Fundraising Running On Auto-Pilot - Even If It Looks Like Your Community Just Aren't Interested?"

Here are the sure-fire strategies that the professional fundraisers wouldn't want you to get your hands on!

From: Patrick Mc Erlean, Community Fundraiser

Don't you just get hopping mad every time you work your socks off promoting your fundraising activities – only to be met with another pitiful response from your local community?

Do you feel paralyzed when you advertise for volunteers and yet again, there are few, if any takers? The thought of having to go back to the same over-worked volunteers yet again is as stressful as it gets!

Why do you put yourself through it? Simple – because deep-down you realize how much benefit your organization brings to the local community! You probably suspect that the community appreciates your organization at some level, so why the heck don't more of them step up to the mark and support you?

What if I were to show you a deceptively simple way to build relationships with your community, which are so powerful that people will be eager to support everything you do – what do you think that would do for your fundraising success?

This is an incredible opportunity that is available to you – but only if you take the first step. Your first step is to read this article in its entirety. Please don't just skim through it – I don't want you to miss a single word because when I demystify community fundraising for you, you simply cannot fail to raise the level of funding you want for your organization.

In fact, I dare you to read this entire article and not change your approach to community fundraising.

Great Fundraising Ideas Are Not The Magic Pill

There are literally hundreds of “great fundraising ideas” doing the rounds today. In fact there are so many you couldn't be faulted for wondering why it's so hard to make them consistently successful.

Those who sell fundraising products make them sound as if people will be falling over themselves to buy them and that your success is a foregone conclusion! What they don't mention is that selling these products is extremely time-consuming and often requires lots of promotional activity to achieve even moderate success.

What happens when you need to raise some serious cash to fund a major development? You can bet that you aren't going to do it with the fundraising merchandising products, you buy on the Internet. Fundraising ideas are only a small part of any successful fundraising strategy. The truth is that big ticket fundraising will never get off the ground unless you've taken the time to build a rock-solid relationship between your organization and the local community.

You can promote your great fundraising ideas until you are blue in the face but unless you're organization is at the forefront of people's minds you will always struggle to secure their attention. Without the unwavering support of your community your major campaigns are dead in the water.

The problem is that most fundraisers spend so much time looking for the next killer idea that they neglect the one thing that practically guarantees success; building a strong relationship with their local community. Strong relationships have been at the heart of selling for centuries and community fundraising is just another form of selling.

Some fundamental truths just never change. Take a look at our old friend the crocodile. He hasn't changed for thousands of years. Why? -- because what he has, just works! Likewise, strong relationships is what works, for the type of selling required for successful community fundraising. Take a leaf out of the old croc's book and only do what works.

Consider any of the world's major advancements over the ages – do you think they would have been possible without people co-operating with one and other? You guessed it – not a chance!

Major progress is only possible where strong relationships exist. Your community organization is no different. Major progress can't be made without the backing of a big portion of your community. Let's find out how to build those relationships.

The Good News - You've Only One Problem To Solve

Remember that your organization's benefits are the key to building the relationship with your local community. When people buy into your benefits you'll always be at the forefront of their minds and their support for your fundraising will be automatic. Believe me, when you're at that stage its a fantastic experience.

So it all boils down to this question -- How do you get your benefits message across to the people of your community? I'll answer that question in a moment.

In my experiences with community fundraisers, over 80% struggle because they place their entire focus on promoting their fundraising ideas. That's like building a house without foundations. The other 10% who struggle are aware that they need to build community relations, but they just can't seem to get through to the people (that's really frustrating).

The problem with getting through to people today is that we all suffer from what's known as advertising blindness. Depending you who you believe, the average person is exposed to anywhere between 1,500 (Media Literacy Report published by UNICEF) and 5,000 (Charles Pappas, Yahoo! Internet Life columnist) advertising messages per day, from TV, billboards, radio, the Internet, practically everywhere we turn.

What that really means is that we tend to filter out all forms of sales messaging. Unfortunately that includes those messages we may be open to, such as the benefits of our local community organization. Guess what that means for your fundraising efforts? Yes, it's not good news.

So what is the key to getting your message through? I discovered the answer to that question around the year 2000, purely by chance. The answer starts with the powers of persuasion. By mastering the art of persuasion you will be able to get your message across effortlessly. From then on, wonderful things will begin to happen in relation to your fundraising.

Just Imagine How Good Things Could Be

Just picture it – you've easily created a terrific relationship with the local community. Now, every time you run an event or campaign, all you have to do is make people aware of it and their support is automatic. A few posters placed around the community and they come out in their droves to your events.

Imagine your campaigns, where your volunteers arrive on doorsteps and people are only too glad to whip out their wallets and hand over their hard-earned cash.

Its a fantastic feeling when you've created such a buzz, that people lining up to volunteer for your organization! Volunteer stress is consigned to the dustbin of history because the fear of selling is all but gone. How hard is it to sell water to someone who is already thirsty? No more spending hours upon hours promoting your events and campaigns.

What will you do with the time you are able to re-claim? Here is one idea...

Relaxing at the beach

Where It All Started

I've been fundraising for my local sports club since 1995. The first five years were horrible. Well, that's not quite accurate! The first two years weren't too bad, but they were masked by the cloak of enthusiasm. Then I hit the wall. Pretty much every fundraiser does when the enthusiasm well dries up.

Towards the end of the millennium the stress was beginning to tell. I got married in 1998 and the first child came along just over a year later. Something had to give. I was contemplating giving up the fundraising, but at the same time I was feeling really bad about the prospect of leaving the club in the lurch. However, I just couldn't see any alternative.

The fundraising was just taking too much time and anyway the people of our community just didn't seem to care that much about the club so why should I? A poor excuse on my part but as you can appreciate, my mind was doing flip-flops! Then suddenly within the space of two weeks everything changed forever.

So what exactly, did change? It all started when I happened to be talking to a friend and he noticed my anxiety. It was probably fairly easy to spot! I told him how I was considering giving up fundraising for the club, and how the people of our community just didn't seem to care any more. I told him how we advertised our functions, advertised for volunteers, and how the response was poor on both counts.

What he said next both angered and intrigued me. He reckoned that, from the sounds of things the relationship between our club and the local community was pretty-much non-existent. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Our club had been one of the main focal points of the community for 60 years! Almost 80% of the kids had been members at sometime during their lives (many from the ages of 8-18).

Then he clarified what he meant. He said, “Look, it's like this -- I know that somewhere close to 90% of the people in this community appreciate the club but the fact is that very few of them actually ever give any thought to it, for the simple reason that you haven't spent any time building a relationship with them. Putting up posters doesn't build a relationship”. This guy is a top-class salesman so rather than getting offended I decided to listen to what he had to say.

He explained to me how community fundraising was just another form of selling and how that type of selling, in order to be successful, requires a strong relationship with the customer. He also explained to me the role of persuasion techniques in getting your message across to people, which is key to relationship building. I wasn't convinced at all! Customers, selling, persuasion – we're a community organization, not a multi-national. It all sounded a little too weird for me, but my curiosity was aroused!

I Thought - Maybe This Could Work - Even For Me!

Anyway, I decided to read a couple of books he gave me. After that, his arguments started to sound vaguely plausible. All of this came at a time when we had just canceled our AGM because of the fact that only 15 people bothered to turn up. Our maximum turnout was only around 25 anyway, but we were fed up with the same people being forced into the same jobs, year after year.

I knew that it was my last throw of the dice anyway, so I decided to experiement with a couple of the persuasion techniques I'd read about. I created a flyer using persuasive writing techniques and we handed those out around the community. To my astonishment, 42 people turned up to the re-scheduled AGM.

It didn't end there. I had also prepared a questionnaire and I handed that out to the delegates on the day. To say I was amazed when 40 out of 42 people left that AGM having volunteered to help out, was an understatement! Suddenly I felt a new wave of enthusiasm wash over me!

To cut a long story short, over the next few years I devoured as much information on selling and persuasion, as I could lay my hands on. Books, seminars, even chatting to the experts. Through a process of trial and error I created a system that has changed the face of our community fundraising forever.

I live in a community of about 1500 people and for the first five years of my involvement in fundraising, we raised an average of $30k per year. Over this past five years we've raised over $400k ($80k per year), with about half the effort. It's hard to describe how good that feels. The upshot is that I've been able to continue my fundraising, while making loads of time for my family and my other interests. That's priceless!

Persuasion Is Key To Getting Your Message Heard

We've already talked about advertising blindness. As this became more prevalent, it began to affect the revenues of some of the world's largest commercial organizations. As you can imagine, they were none too happy!

However these guys are not at the top of their game for no reason. They soon figured out how to cut through the layers of advertising blindness we cloak ourselves in. You guessed it – they use the powers of persuasion.

Just think for a moment how much information our brains process over the course of a normal day – and that's not even counting the fact that we are constantly bombarded with advertising messages.

Our eyes don't actually see! They simply collect light and focus it on the back of our eyes (retina). It's the brain that processes this vast amount of information and translates it into mental images. This all takes place in our conscious mind. Likewise our ears are just a way of getting sound vibrations into our head so that the brain can interpret them and build up a mental picture of their source.

Many Of Our Decisions Are Made By Default

The conscious mind is a wonderful thing but the fact is that it simply cannot process all of the information that is constantly being presented to us. That's where our secret mind (the sub-conscious) comes in.

It provides us with “short-cuts” so that we don't have to consciously make decisions about all of the information we are receiving. It intervenes when the conscious mind, hasn't time to think, or it doesn't want to think, or has wandered off or when it's under too much stress. These are known as decisions by default.

Do you think the classical pianist has time to consider every key they are pressing? Of course not, there simply isn't time. When time is short, the sub-conscious mind steps up to the mark.

Now, the sub-conscious doesn't think per say. It just reacts. It's reactions are based on it's “learned behavior”. This “learned behavior” is imprinted on the sub-conscious through continual repetition. The imprinting process is accelerated greatly when the repetition is accompanied by emotion (good or bad).

Just think about the situation where you are attracted to a particular person. You'd think that the potential reward of a date with them would be motivation enough to go ahead and ask. But, oh no, the old sub-conscious interjects and reminds you of the possibility of rejection. It has learned that rejection is not a good feeling.

Despite the above example the sub-conscious plays a very important role on our lives. It is essentially a survival mechanism. It doesn't like change – it prefers the safety of the status quo. That's why it's so tough to change your habits. To change a habit your conscious mind has to effectively re-programme the sub-conscious and that usually takes time and a lot of time and conscious effort.

It's important that things are this way though. Have you ever went out for a drive in the car and realized that you couldn't remember part of the journey? Sometimes your mind wanders off to think about other things? It was thanks to the good old sub-conscious that you stayed on the road! It intervened to make sure you took the required actions to maintain your status in the land of the living.

When we make decisions based on the sub-conscious, we are often not sure as to why we made them and sometimes we're not even aware that we have made a decision at all. The powers of persuasion is all about triggering sub-conscious decisions based of the knowledge of how most people will react to certain stimulus.

Much of our sub-conscious programming has come from outside influences such as our parents, our teachers, the media, the government and other apparently knowledgeable people. As a result much of this programming is faulty.

There are lots of examples of faulty programming. One particular example is our tendency to believe authority figures without question. There are lots of documented incidents of this in the medical professional where staff did exactly what the doctor asked them to do, even when they thought it sounded wrong (some more serious than others).

In one such incident an unsuspecting patient with an ear infection got more than he bargained for, from the nurse that was “looking after” him. Now this nurse knew he had an ear infection but when she picked up the doctor's instructions for the administration of the drops he had prescribed, and it said, “insert in rear”, she blindly obeyed – she went right ahead and ... well, you know!

We Don't Like Being Told What To Think

It's human nature to want to be in control of our own thoughts. We like to come to your own conclusions and as a result we feel lots of internal resistance when other people try to tell us what to think or do. This is at the heart of advertising blindness. If you want to persuade someone your message must fly underneath their radar. People want to be finessed – not bombarded with blatant advertising.

The powers of persuasion is all about triggering the sub-conscious decision making process so that our point of view is more readily accepted. It's an extremely powerful tool in your relationship building. Some people ask me if using the powers of persuasion in relationship building is unethical.

Look, we're not brainwashing people here, we're just using simple (but powerful) techniques to vastly increase the chances of getting your benefits messages through to them. After that, those people will decide for themselves whether or not your organization is worth supporting. The fact is that they won't even consider your benefits, if you can't find a way through their protective barriers.

I'm now at the stage where my community fundraising education is almost complete (it'll never be totally complete). As a result, I have come to know exactly what works and what doesn't work, when it comes to gaining the support of the local community. I've developed my own unique model of relationship building for successful community fundraising, which has been proven to work for a wide variety of community organizations.

I've now condensed all of my knowledge of relationship building, that have taken me years to acquire, into my new eBook, Community Fundraising : The Persuasive Way. This book leads you by the hand in true, step-by-step fashion, through a fail-safe process for building community relationships, that endure through thick and thin.

Community Fundraising : The Persuasive Way consists of a giant vault of fundraising secrets – most of which you will not find in any other fundraising book.

Look What This Will Do For You

I've spilled my guts in this eBook and held nothing back. Here are just a few of the benefits you'll enjoy and some of the juiciest secrets I have revealed:

Tick  How our minds work and why we are susceptible to the powers of persuasion. Remember, this is not about tricking people. It's about giving them the opportunity to make an informed choice about your community organization.

Tick  A step-by-step guide to building lifelong relations with your community, using the powers of persuasion to get your benefits across (under the radar). This step-by-step program has been tried and tested and been proven to work. It removes all of the guesswork from community fundraising.

Tick  Find out how to get unwavering commitment from the public to the point where their support for your fundraising will be virtually automatic. The public will soon feel good about supporting your organization.

Tick  How to use those incredible relationships to make your fundraising practically run on auto-pilot. That allows your volunteers to spend more time with their families, as opposed to worrying about how to keep the organization moving forward. Best of all it takes the stress out of fundraising.

Tick  Discover how to attract and motivate volunteers. They'll be lining up to help out, which ensures that the workload is better distributed and makes everyone feel good about the organization.

Tick  Find out how to give your volunteers the sort of state-of-the-art training that will almost completely remove the fear of selling and asking for money. That's even discounting the fact that selling to an energized community makes it much easier anyway.

Tick  I reveal many leading-edge fundraising ideas, which when coupled with strong volunteer training, enables volunteers to feel good about what they are doing. They will be seen as the experts by their peers from other organizations. As a result volunteers will be successful. They'll feel good about their work because they can see tangible results.

Tick  Be the envy of your peers. Be viewed as an expert. The program leads to immensely successful fund raising and the fund raising leaders will be seen as the standard setters within their field.

Tick  How to use the secrets of the written word to drive your message through peoples' natural resistance barriers.

Tick  Your new found wealth will become the spring board to incredible organizational development. People will take pride in your organization and its success and the your long-term future will be secured.

Tick  You'll be delighted with the surprising added bonus of being able to use lots of this material to enhance your everyday life, as well as your fundraising.

How Much Is All Of This Worth To You?

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