Fundraising with Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers are as popular today as they ever were. Selling them locally is a great way to make money for your community organization. It's something your younger members can do as well, by way of giving them an introduction to community fundraising.

Bumper Sticker

The plates come ready-made in a variety of designs or you can decide to get them custom made. When they have your logo and colors it can help engender a sense of pride within the local community, with respect to your community organization. The custom made option is very popular with sports clubs.

Bumper Sticker

Many people today are breaking with tradition by putting bumper stickers on their walls, their houses and other weird and wonderful places. It's not just sports clubs either, many other community organizations use them to show support for other issue-related causes.

CafePress are about the best vendor I've come across. As you'll see from the fundraising ideas page, they are perfect for online merchandising.

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