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The Click..Whirr Response

Creative touch fundraising relies on our ability to make use of what I call the click..whirr response. This click..whirr response is the basis for the powers of persuasion. Lets examine what it is.

The compulsion for us to answer questions is deeply ingrained in all of us. Once your brain gets hold of a question it wont let go until it arrives at an answer. Can you recall a time when youve been talking with a friend and they said something like, What did you call that film that John Cusack was in, where he and his friends hung out at a music store? You try to think of the answer but it doesnt come but then about three hours later it pops into your head when youre not even thinking about it? Your brain has been working away behind the scenes to get an answer.

Remember your sub-conscious is programmed with your perceived truths and it doesnt think at all, it simply does. When the conscious mind defers to it, it retrieves the tape of your correct response (or action) and plays it back to you. This is known as the, click&whirr response; the click of the tape and the whirr of automatic response (or action).

Its this tendency for us to reply with the click .. whirr response, which makes us vulnerable to the powers of persuasion. It's what makes creative touch fundraising so powerful. Now I will give you a very simple example of where the, click .. whirr, response is triggered.

Ellen Langer, a social psychologist from Harvard University, set out to demonstrate a well-known principle, that when we ask someone to do us a favor we will be more successful if we provide a reason. The experiment involved asking people waiting in line at a photocopying machine, if they would they be willing to let Ellen skip the queue. The way in which the request was delivered made a significant difference to the outcome.

When she said, Excuse me, I have five pages. May I use the Xerox machine because Im in a rush, 94% of people agreed to the request. In the second variation she said, Excuse me, I have five pages. May I use the Xerox machine, only 60% of the people agreed. So it looked as if the addition of, because Im in a rush, made the difference. The implication was that shed get in some kind of trouble if she didnt get to use the machine immediately and because of that people were more willing.

That would imply that people were thoughtful and caring. However when she said, Excuse me, I have five pages. May I use the Xerox machine because I have to make some copies, the result was almost the same as the first request with 93% of people complying with her request. Everybody in the line was there to make some copies, so how would that persuade people!

Sadly, the illusion of thoughtful, caring people is blown away. Its only their click..whirr response to the word because that gets them to agree to her request. Ok, so the world is not a terrible place because Langer did show later that human behavior does not always work in a mechanical, tape-activated way but its remarkable how often it does and in what situations.

Most of the powers of persuasion used in creative touch fundraising, work because of this automatic, click...whirr, response. When you know how to trigger these responses its a very powerful tool. The cool part is that it requires little effort on your part. Creative touch fundraising will cover these triggers.

Doctor H. Spencer Lewis, in his book Mental Poisoning, wrote: "Psychology teaches us that the only successful way by which to make another mind or a strange mind obey a wish of our own mind is to present that command or desire in such a subtle manner that it will be either unconsciously or willingly accepted by the other mind and acted upon with cooperation before it has time to analyze it and resent it. But the instinct to resent a direct command is always present, and this natural and normal resentment must be overcome if we would have other persons do our bidding."

In other words, if persuasion is to meet with little or no resistance it must be practically undetectable. Triggering the click .. whirr response is practically undetectable. Creative touch fundraising relies on it!

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