The Powers Of Persuasion
Creative Touch Fundraising for Community Organizations

What exactly is creative touch fundraising?

In a nutshell, it's the application of the powers of persuasion to community organization fundraising. As you'll see the application of the powers of persuasion to community fundraising is a quantum leap forward from anything that you've seen before. These powers enable anyone to easily build a strong affinity between their organization and the local community. The benefits of such relationships are immense, for your community organization.

Strong relationships with the community enable you to command their unwavering support for your fundraising. As well as that, you'll be able to attract as many motivated volunteers as you need to help with your fundraising. Creative touch fundraising delivers on that promise.

An enthusiastic community. That's what you need!

The powers of persuasion have been known to the business world for about the last decade or so. Many businesses have been extremely successful in using persuasion techniques to increase their profits. Now you too can base your strategy on creative touch fundraising. It will enable you to transform the fundraising fortunes of your community organization.

I have been doing exactly that with creative touch fundraising since late 1999. The beauty is that it's easy to learn. Anyone can do it.

Have you ever heard the phrase, "We're creatures of habit"? Well it's true. Our reaction to any given stimulus is often very predictable. It's knowledge about the nature of this predictability that enables us to persuade and influence others. To understand why this is we first need to take a quick look at how our mind works.

The Persuasive Way The conscious mind often defers to the sub-conscious for direction. This behavior quite often happens when someone asks you a question or to take some action. Your conscious mind decides that there simply isnt enough time to evaluate all of the options thoroughly. It looks to the sub-conscious for a shortcut response. This is known as the click..whirr response. When you know how to trigger the click..whirr response, the task of persuading people becomes much easier. The powers of persuasion all work because the act of triggering the click .. whirr response goes practically undetected by your natural resistance mechanism. This helps you get your organization's benefits message across to the people of your local community. It also helps it to stick when its there. As a result they are more likely to become strong supporters of your organization; in some cases they'll be agreeable to becoming volunteers.

Now I want to introduce you to one of the principles that relate to the powers of persuasion. This will give you an idea of how you can use the powers of persuasion, in relation to your community fundraising. This one is known as the

principle of authority. The principle of authority is very powerful principle. It is only one of many, which are used throughout the powers of persuasion.

As an organization using creative touch fundraising, we make use of the principle of authority in a variety of situations. For example we always get someone in a position of authority to speak at our dinner dance. We ask them to emphasize the benefits of our organization to the community, during their speech. This is a great relationship building tool.

Creative touch fundraising is all about the application of the powers of persuasion to your relationship building and fundraising. The powers of persuasion will power your fundraising for many years to come.

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