Donor Tracking Software

Donor tracking software helps you keep track of your donors. It also allows you to automate the communication with them on a regular basis.

This software is normally not required for community organizations as we don't tend to have too many donors as such. Donors are usually associated more with charities and other large nonprofits. However, that said it can sometimes be useful for tracking your sponsors (who are really donors except that they get something in return). If you have a lot of sponsors then this type of software will do away with a lot of the grunt work and leave you more time to work on relationship building as part of your fundraising strategies.

As with, membership database software you have two options. The first is to buy a ready made package, where you just install it, add your sponsor details and off you go.

The second is to build your own. This is a good alternative for any community organization that has some technically minded members already. In this case you would create all of your sponsor data on an open source database and then integrate it with your website.

Ready Made Packages

Build your own

Check out the same section on the membership database software page.

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