Fund Raising Calendar

The annual fund raising calendar is not only a great way to make a few dollars but its also a great opportunity to show your organization in action (especially the benefits). Pictures of kids or adults having a good time are best. You can maximize your income by getting local businesses to sponsor each month.

Be creative with sponsors captions so that they get a good impression and youll soon have merchants lining up for the 12 spots (24 if you double up). For example your March page might have a plug the local hardware store with a caption such as, Its March. Time to dig up the garden again! Make the job easier with the proper tools from Nicks hardware.

Its tempting to cover the fund raising calendar in advertising but don't do it! Your calendar is a great opportunity to advertise your organization, so dont be tempted to forfeit that opportunity to make a few lousy extra bucks from external advertisers. A good rule of thumb is that each page should be a minimum of 75% your organization and a maximum of 25% advertising.

CafePress and Create Photo Calendars are two good vendors that provide you with the ability to create your own custom calendars. Expect to pay about $5-$7 per calendar for a single image or $12-$15 when you want a separate image for each month.

The other option is to have a word with a local printshop to see what they could do for you.

The calendar must be ready for sale two months before Christmas. Again get the local Merchants to stock it and advertise it well. Sell it door-to-door if you wish.

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