Elements of a successful fund raising flyer

The fund raising flyer below is one we used to attract people to one of our relationship building events. Yes believe it or not we use the AGM as an opportunity to build the relationship with some of our supporters. Building relationships must be the first step of your fundraising strategies. This flyer was hugely successful, as one of my first attempts at people-focused marketing.

In fact prior to distributing this flyer we had to cancel our AGM because only 15 people showed up! The flyer alone allowed us to get 42 people to the re-arranged AGM, and by using the techniques from the powers of persuasion toolbox, 38 of those went home after having committing to volunteering for at least one task during the year! Not a bad as a first attempt.

Fund raising flyer

The points to note about this particular fund raising flyer are:

The picture is a little cheesy but it's attention grabbing and that's all you need to get someone to take the next step, which in this case is to look at the text below. I could have put a picture of a pink elephant on there and it would have served almost the same purpose.

The headline is a direct plea to the individual. The beauty is, that it also contains a hidden question, which works on the sub-conscious level. The fact that it uses the word, "you", means that it is directed at the person reading the flyer and they automatically think, "Why do they need me?" This weakness for the hidden question is just human nature.

Now that you've got them thinking it's time to let them know what event you are plugging, as well as the date and time (and the location if it's not obvious).

Next is the follow-up to the hidden question. The answer is that they can play a role in the development of the youth people of the community. The first sentence also contains, what is known as, an embedded command. It is highlighted in bold for extra effect. Embedded command are a very power tool that enable you to slip beneath the radar of a person's natural resistance to being told what to do. Find out more on the powers of persuasion page.

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