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Fundraising auction software is a good addition to your internet fundraising as part of your fundraising strategies. That is provided you have some people with good basic internet skills. Ask around. There are probably more people about with these skills than you might think.

Auctions are a great fundraising option, especially for community organizations, where most of the items tend to be donated. If you feel that fundraising auction software is too much effort for you then consider putting the items on eBay.

Fundraising Auction Software


eBay does away with the need for fundraising auction software of your own. Any quality items of local interest are great for eBay. Its easy to set up an account on eBay and take payments through PayPal (eBays payment system). PayPal accounts can be linked directly to your organizations bank account. Listing items on eBay is good experience for some of your younger newbie volunteers.

Use your website to tell people that you take donations of items for auctioning on eBay. The more people you tell to look for you the better chance you have of getting the items. People are often willing to donate memorabilia without realizing its true value. Ask around your members, theres almost always someone who knows somebody of note and people are almost always willing to say they do. This is a great way of getting valuable merchandise.

There are some great pages on the eBay website that describe exactly how you get up and running. The three main pieces of advice that I would give are: 1) Use keywords in your auction title. By that I mean, use words that you think people will search on. Youve only got a limited amount of characters so dont waste them on phrases such as this is a must see bargain of a lifetime because nobody searches for that. So for example if I was selling sports program I would have a heading such as this, Phillies v Dodgers 1982 Baseball Programme Rare; 2) Always include a picture with your auctions and 3) Use a nice HTML template for your auction description. Here is a fragment that you can use in your auctions:

Youll need to replace the dummy email address and the dummy image (i.e. your banner logo of 725 x 100 pixels).

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