Fundraising consulting for community organizations

Many charities and larger non profits regularly use fundraising consulting. My advice is that, as a community organization you should only consider using fundraising consultants if you are undertaking a major development.

Even then you'll only need them during the planning phase. You'll have to pay some money up front but try to tie a portion of the remainder into the success of the project.

If you follow the advice on this website, the chances are that you can achieve pretty much all of your targets without the need to hire specialized consultancy. If you are still not confident, because of the magnitude of the project, then check with other similar organizations in our directory before you take the plunge. You may find the help you are looking for there.

General consultancy such as legal and financial are unavoidable, so don't attempt to do anything without getting those items tied down properly.

There are other specialist consultants that are worth considering. We always use a consultant when applying for grants because it greatly increases the chances of success and saves so much time. Most grants come from government, where the red tape is plentiful!

Check around your members for anyone with contacts with these types of consultancy services and you may get a good deal for your community organization.

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