Fundraising Cookbooks For Community Organization Fundraising

Fundraising cookbooks are a great option for your community organization's annual fundraising plan. They are high profit items for a fairly low cost in terms of effort. All you need to do is put a small team together to do the work of collecting the recipes. Fundraising cookbooks give you the perfect opportunity to get your younger members involved in fundraising.

Steak receipe

Almost everyone can get their hands on a few recipes, so getting enough for the cookbook is generally not an issue. As a community organization it's likely that you'll be selling the cookbooks to the local market, so be sure to cater for those tastes. That usually means sticking with the more traditional recipes. Have a look at what they sell in the local bakeries for ideas.

Once you've collected enough recipes and taken a few pictures then it's time to put the cookbook together. Don't worry there are companies who will take care of this part for you.

Heritage Cookbook (as recommended by Oprah Magazine) is a particularly good choice. All you need to do is sign up for an account, enter your recipes, add your pictures, and they will take care of the production and printing. They've got a really low minimum order of 5 books, but if your cookbook is full of good local recipes, you should have no trouble selling many times that figure.

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