Fundraising Discount Cards

Fundraising discount cards are a relatively new method of community fundraising. The concept is really simple. Your organization sells the cards, which entitle the buyer to a certain amount of discounted offers from local merchants. As well as the card, the buyer receives a sheet containing the discount coupons for each offer.

There are specialist companies that produce the cards and discount coupons for you. Most offer two main programs. The first usually involves a ready-made list of well known high street merchants such as, Pizza Hut, jiffy Lube, Subway etc. The second option is for them to create a custom list of local merchants of your choosing.

This fundraiser is so simple that you can even do it yourself. If you've got access to a computer there is nothing to stop you from creating your own discount cards and coupon sheets for local merchants. Obviously you'll have to get the local merchants to participate.

Here are the steps involved in setting up the fundraiser yourself:

1) Sign up about 20 local merchants. You'll need to get at least one offer from each. Offers can basically be anything but usually they are things like, 20% off, buy one get one free, 10% off an order etc.

2) Create the discount cards with your organization name & logo, a price and an expiry date.

3) Create the sheets of discount coupons. Each sheet must contain all of the offers.

4) Sell as many of the discount cards as you can.

5) The buyers present the card and the specific discount coupon to take advantage of the relevant offer.

Everybody involved benefits from fundraising discount cards. The merchants drive more business since people usually don't go into a store just to buy one item. The buyers get discounts worth a lot more than the $10-$15 they paid for the card. Your organization pockets the sale price of each discount card minus your costs. If you've made the cards yourself that is almost 100% profit. If you sell 100 cards that brings in around $1000-$1500. Once again this fundraiser is perfect for your youth members.

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