Fundraising Pizza Cards

Fundraising pizza cards are a similar concept to discount cards. Your organization sells the cards for around $10 each. The card entitles the bearer to a fixed number of offers from the participating merchant over the course of a year.

Buy For Charity are one of the many companies who offer pizza cards.

The have an agreement with Domino's pizza. Their standard card is the Domino's Pizza Buy-One-Get-One-Free card worth 20 free Pizzas over the course of one year.

Each card costs $3 and contains an average saving of around $200.

That's an easy sell to anyone who has pizza once every couple of weeks.

Pizza card from Dominos.

The more cards you sell the more your profit margin increases. When you buy 50 cards your margin is 70%; at 100 cards it rises to 90% because you get 20 free, at 200 cards its 95% (50 free) and at 1000 cards it goes up to 100% (300 free).

Your young people can sell these all day long, especially if you tie the proceeds to something that will directly benefit them, such as sports equipment or a day trip. Pizza cards are easy to sell and have high profit margins so that makes them an ideal fundraiser for your community organization.

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