Community fundraising strategies for volunteer recruitment

Your community fundraising strategies must include volunteer recruitment strategies. Building relationships with the local community is the first step on your way to recruiting motivated volunteers. You'll have seen from the relation building event follow-up page that part of this process involves identifying potential volunteers and asking them to undertake some small task.

After a potential volunteer completes their first task you can begin to transition them from a casual helper to a fully fledged volunteer. The best way to achieve this is using the baby steps principle. The main philosophy of the principle is to begin with small commitments and gradually grow the relationship so that they are happy to agree to progressively bigger commitments. Generally in the beginning the person is not even consciously aware that they are making any sort of commitment at all.

I have found that you can even get some people to commit to something a little bigger by asking them at the relationship building event. They will be more open to suggestion than normal if they are enjoying themselves. Sometimes we do this face-to-face by asking them to help out a kids practice session and sometimes we do it through a questionnaire with a small prize as an incentive. Either way you need to follow-up by asking them to do some small task for your organization.

The fundraising strategies on this site are all under-pined by the powers of persuasion. One of those powers is known as the consistency principle and its key to the success of the baby steps principle. People like to be consistent with what they've already done so if you can get a person to do a small task, its usually enough to invoke the consistency principle.

One the consistency principle takes hold, that person will be open to doing something that requires more commitment. They will often begin to see themselves as someone with community spirit. Before you know it they will be open to joining your fundraising sub-committee. This can lead onto bigger things such as chairing a sub-committee, joining the full committee and perhaps even taking an executive post.

Fundraising for any community organization is a fairly big step. Take a look at anybody who is successful in any walk of life. They got there through a series of steps, starting out small and gradually getting bigger. Its no different for your volunteers; "baby steps" is the way to go. You will get the occasional person who wants to go straight onto your fundraising committee without much inducement but they are the exception rather than the rule. Have a look at the volunteers page for more details on transitioning the potential volunteer into the fully fledged volunteer.

The baby steps principle is important for many of your fundraising strategies.

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