Relationship building events as part of your fundraising strategies

Fundraising strategies that focus of relation building will ensure your success. A vital component of that relationship building process is your relationship building events. These events can take a variety of forms but I would suggest that an Open Day is one of the must do events.

You can use the powers of persuasion to create a powerful advertising campaign to get people to attend these events. The theme of any Open Day must be fun for all, especially the kids (if that's appropriate to your organization). If your organization is a support group then obviously the Open Day needs a slightly different theme. Maybe fun is not the right word in this scenario, but certainly enjoyment, and most of all a sense of security.

The key to any Open Day is to get people involved regardless of how small that involvement. Involvement is the key to the beginnings of a commitment to your community organization. We have people involved in our organization now that had absolutely no interest in it to begin with. They came to an Open Day with their kids and while there they were asked to do some small tasks (e.g. supervise the bouncy castle or referee a kids game). Amazingly enough, that small step was enough to start them on the road to commitment to our community organization. They had no idea that the effect had already begun!

When relationship building, as part of your fundraising strategies, there are two very powerful tools at your disposal. One is the questionnaire and the other is to run a small competition. When you formulate these using the powers of persuasion they can illicit a high level of commitment from people who had previously given very little thought to your community organization.

Getting people to interact in some way is key to making them start to develop a commitment to your organization. You can get them interacting via the questionnaire, supervising kids activities or in some other way you come up with. It doesn't matter which. All that matters is that they enjoy themselves and begin to feel a commitment towards your organization (no matter how small).

Other examples of events you can use in relationship building are your Annual General Meeting (AGM) or an information night. I'm sure you can come up with others as part of your fundraising strategies, which are specific to your organization. The content of the event is of secondary important (as long as its fun). The important thing is that you get a face-to-face opportunity to build the relationship.

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