Create you own fundraising websites

Creating fundraising websites is an advanced fundraising technique for community organizations. Not only is it very doable but it has many additional benefits, beyond the obvious monetary gains.

The world today is in what is known as the information age. That is the reason I would suggest that your best option for your community organization web business is to create and sell an information product.

To create fundraising websites you start by setting up a team of volunteers. The team can be composed of your volunteers or some young budding entrepreneurs within your community (or both).

When recruiting people from outside your volunteers, sell the business skills that theyll learn. Set a limited number of places. These people dont even have to be supportive of your organization. They only need to be enthusiastic about the project and the prospect of learning some invaluable business skills.

Youll make some money and just maybe youll turn some of them into volunteers for your organization. They may be open to doing other activities for the organization as a repayment for the "free" training.

Monitor what the communitys young people are studying at college because sometimes they are only too keen to get some business experience. Young people like challenges and creating fundraising websites fits that bill perfectly.

Information products come in different forms such as, eBooks, CDs, DVDs and videos. They are usually "How To" products where youre teaching people how to do something. There is a big market for this type of product on the Internet and the most popular products are usually something to do with, food, money or sex.

I would necessarily recommend these unless you can find an untapped niche. Rather, look for your own Niche and write something on that. Make a list of all the subjects that you think might have a niche following on the net and then research each of them. Youre looking for niches that are popular with searchers but that dont have many people writing about them. Your niche doesnt have to be related to your organizations field but obviously it is easier if it is.

There is a very useful tool at Yahoo called the Keyword Selector Tool, which will help you figure out the popularity of various subjects. Click on the Keyword Selector Tool on the right hand side of the page. Type in your subject area and the tool will tell you how many searches were carried out for this term in the last month.

When youve narrowed down your list of niche areas to those that are popular then do some searches on Google to find out how much content has already been written about each of them. There are no subjects in the world that someone hasnt written something about so dont let the fact that people have already written about something put you off. The market is always big enough for more than one product.

When youve chosen your subject then seek out plenty of relevant reading material and get various members of your team to read up on different aspects of the subject. Create skeleton chapters for your book at assign them to different people. Once the book is written then youre ready to sell it. It doesnt have to be a literary masterpiece, just contain good solid information.

The next thing you need to do is create a website with plenty of great related content in order to pre-sell your potential customers. I could explain this process here but Ken Evoys Site Build It website, explains it much better than I ever could. Even if you dont use Kens product (which by the way I highly recommend you do) you will learn exactly what needs to be done to create a successful fundraising websites.

When youre selling on the web youll need to accept payment using credit cards. The internet payments page will show you how.

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