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Put bingo on your list of fundraising ideas only if you have plenty of volunteers. Although it is not as lucrative as it once was but its still a good earner nonetheless. You can still get people to play but its takes a higher level of prizes to get those people through the doors. Bingo can be really good in more rural areas where there arent as many activities competing with it. It can also be a good opportunity to sell Lotto tickets!

You should aim to have 11 games in one Bingo book (10 regular games and one in the middle known as the flyover game). The books come with six panels from top to bottom where the numbers 1-90 will be printed. You can get the books off the internet or through local stationary stores.

Charge between $7 and $10 per book and $5 per half-book. Each game has a prize for a line and one for a house. You can experiment with what level of prizes you give out but heres a suggestion for starters: for the first five games have $20 for a line and $40 for a house; on the flyover game make it $50 and $100; on the next four games revert to $20 and $40; on the last game have $50 for the line and the house on this one is where the jackpot can be won.

The jackpot is only won if someone gets the house within a certain amount of calls. The number of calls usually starts at 45 numbers for a new jackpot and increases by one each week to a maximum or 50. Start the jackpot at $500 and increase it by $50 each week to a maximum of $2000. If the jackpot is not won then give out $200 for the final house.

The weekly prizes in this example come to $940 (without the jackpot). If you have around 200 people at the bingo then you can clear between $700 and 1000. Over 52 weeks thats about $36,400. If the jackpot went 4 times then that leaves you with $28,400. You need to do your own math depending on your numbers.

Its also a good idea to have a take-your-pick at the bingo to supplement the income. Charge $1 per ticket and draw out three tickets (usually after the flyover game). Have 9 boxes, one with $50, one with $30, one with $20 and the rest with $5. When someones ticket is drawn they can pick their box by its number. Open the box and give them the prize. Do this for the three tickets. This is like an extra entry on your list of fundraising ideas.

Bingo takes about 6 people every week: 2 on the door, 2 to do the floor, 1 to sell take-your-pick and 1 to call the numbers. Aim to put 6 volunteers on for one month at a time. If you have 4 teams then thats 3 months each per year. Again I would only add this one to your list of fundraising ideas if you have enough volunteers and if you also use it to sell Lotto etc.

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