List Of Fundraising Ideas
Gift Aid

Check this out for your list of fundraising ideas. Many governments give tax breaks to non-profit community organizations. One way that this works is by tax payers signing a gift aid form with your community organization as the beneficiaries. The government then returns a portion of the tax paid to the community organization. The amount depends on the value of donations given to your organization by each individual.

There is sometimes a down-side to gift aid schemes in that the IR / IRS insist on more detailed accounts for your organization. Youll need to figure out if the extra accounting costs are worth the pay-off.

Some local business will not be aware that they could get tax breaks on donations to your organization. Check with your local government whether or not your organization qualifies as a non-profit or charity and then find out what tax breaks companies can get so you can inform them of the details. When they understand this it's relatively easy to get them to donate. Tax breaks often apply to individuals as well.

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