List Of Fundraising Ideas
Interest Paying Accounts

When formulating your list of fundraising ideas you should pause a moment to check if you're making best use of the money you have!

Ive already covered the topic of people giving money away through savings schemes but it never ceases to amaze me how many community organizations do the same. They leave substantial sums of money sitting in non-interest paying current accounts. This is like burning money. Put this on your list of fundraising ideas and put the highlighter through it so you remember to check it out.

Please make sure your organization is not guilty of this terrible crime! With the advent of internet and telephone banking there is no excuse. Open a savings account and regularly transfer any access money from your current account into it using the internet or telephone. We only keep enough money in our current account to last us three months and everything else goes into an interest paying account.

I remember when I was first charged with the task of fundraising for my community organization; the first thing I looked at was how much money we had and how much more we needed to achieve our plans for the year. I was horrified to discover that we had $10,000 in a savings account and $45,000 in a current account! We were throwing away around $2,000 per year because of simple mismanagement of the money we had! Don't let that happen to your organization.

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