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Joint Marketing

Boost your list of fundraising ideas with a joint marketing venture! Many companies these days are looking for joint marketing with smaller organizations and even nonprofits such as community organizations. They are particularly interested in community organizations with fairly large memberships.

For example, telephone companies sometimes offer community organizations a share of profits for each customer they bring to the company. People are often willing to change to the telephone company if they know its benefiting your organization (but it must also benefit them).

One such company is Cognigen. They offer a joint marketing service for all kinds of telephony and communications services.

All you need to do is sign up for a free account for your community organization. They'll give you a free web page, and when you get someone (e.g. your members) to buy a service from them through this web page, you get a cut of the monthly revenue. The best part is that you continue to get a cut month after month for as long as that person is a customer. Cognigen's rates are very competitive so your members will benefit as well as your organization.

There are lots of such opportunities around. Keep your eyes and ears open and ask around. If you have a larger parent organization, check out what they have going on this area. It can be a good earner for little or no effort on your part, because the commercial company takes care of all the sign-ups. You need only give them a list of your members and their contact details.

You should make sure that you pitch the idea to your members before the company contacts them (so that they dont toss the materials in the bin as junk mail). It can be a profitable part of your fundraising efforts.

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