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Include lotto in your list of fundraising ideas as a good form of regular income. Im sure there are not many people left in the developed world who havent heard of the Lottery (or Lotto). You can set up a mini-lottery for your organization and it will bring you in a good income over the course of a year. Put it near the top of your list of fundraising ideas.

At first glance the lottery is almost like a mini members draw except for that it runs weekly. The big difference is that almost everyone can afford to buy at least one ticket at $1; even those who have no interest in your organization at all.

There are different ways of structuring your Lotto. We as an organization have experimented with many permutations and weve found that the best one is where you pick 4 from 26 letters. We start the jackpot at $500 and increase it by $50 each week. We stop the jackpot at $3000 until it is won. Each week that the jackpot is not one we draw two tickets, who each win $25. We typically sell about 300 tickets per week. The numbers are as follows:

Weekly Income $300
Less $50 for drawn tickets $250
Times 52 Weeks $13,000
Less jackpot average ($4000) $9,000

You could also put your lotto on your website and allow ex-pats to play (or anyone for that matter). Take payment for a minimum of 3 months up to 12 months. See online payments for details of how to take payments on the web.

A word of warning: Lotto can be time intensive for your volunteers if you live in a fairly rural area. It helps a lot if you can strike up some sort of deal with local merchants and taverns so that theyll sell your lotto tickets for you (either for free of for a small return). If you're short on volunteers then don't add it to your list of fundraising ideas right away. First build up your relationships and volunteer numbers.

Feel free to use the following lotto ticket example to get you a head start:

Example lotto ticket

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