List Of Fundraising Ideas
Member's Draw

No list of fundraising ideas is complete without the member's draw. This is where people pay a set entry fee each month. This is one of the simplest ideas around but one of the most powerful, especially when youve got a good groundswell of supporters.

The two most important aspects of such a draw are 1) get your supporters so sign up for a minimum or a year (two is preferred); and 2) get everyone to pay be standing order (straight into your account).

It may not always be possible to get everyone to go for standing orders but the advantages are immense if they do. For one, it relieves your volunteers from the burden of having to collect the money every month, this giving them more time to concentrate on other fundraising activities. The other big advantage of standing orders is that drop-outs are vastly reduced. This is because people forget easily about the standing orders and even they dont it seems insignificant because they arent handing over real cash.There are many ways that a members draw may be structured but I'll outline the one that my organization uses, to give you an example. Our members draw is limited to 200 people at any one time. We charge $20 per month and have a single prize of $500. Then we have a yearly draw of $1,000 for all those who have made all 12 payments during the year. Here is a breakdown of how that plays out over a year:

Income Per Month $4,000 Less $500 Prize $3,500 Times 12 Months $42,000 Less Final Prize $41,000 (per year)

We make $41,000 per year with minimal effort. This is only possible because we have used the powers of persuasion to build up a strong affinity with our local community. Even now we still repeat our message regularly. Definitely consider this one for your list of fundraising ideas.

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