List Of Fundraising Ideas

Putting rentals on your list of fundraising ideas can mean renting more than just buildings and playing fields. If you're considering buying equipment but it's too expensive then look at the possibility of renting it out to other similar organizations.

I have seen sports clubs buying decompacting equipment and renting it out to other clubs at a cost of $500 per playing field. The machine cost them $10,000 and it costs about $1,000 a year to maintain. They do at least 30 playing fields a year outside of their own. The guy who does the work is a volunteer but he gets $100 a time, which ensures that he is the one doing it all the time (a rota just doesn't work with equipment like this). The club clears at least $11,000 a year and it only took them the first year to cover their costs!

Many community organizations have facilities that are not utilized to the maximum. If you have such premises or other facilities, always be on the lookout for opportunities to hire them out to other organizations (where appropriate).

Ensure that external organizations have the proper insurance in place before giving them the go-ahead. As part of the deal, make sure they agree to your conditions of rental, with respect to any damages etc. Rentals are often not considered as part of the list of fundraising ideas within community organizations but as you can see with the decompacting example it can be a great earner (with minimum hassle).

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