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Social Club

Not a fit for everyone's list of fundraising ideas but a social club is a great magnet for gathering your community together. Its up to you whether or not you have a bar at your functions and events but it is a good money earner (even if its only soft drinks).

You typically need some sort of entertainments license to have events on your premises. Check with your local government authority for details. An entertainments license will most likely involve supplying the drawings of your premises, getting a fire certificate, proof of public liability insurance, an electrical certificate and a safety certificate (in terms of emergency exits etc.)

If you want to have a bar at a few functions each year then you can usually get a temporary liquor license (known as an occasional license). Youll need to work through someone you has a full license, such as a local bar or tavern. Check with your legal advisors for what you need to do in your country.

Ensure that you have good accounting procedures in place for a social club and dont be tempted to settle for biscuit-tin accountancy! Do stock takes before and after each event and ensure that sales match whats on the till. You can get a good till for $100.

A pool table in your social club is a really good earner and helps to attract people through the doors. Not a lock for everyone's list of fundraising ideas, but well worth considering.

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