List Of Fundraising Ideas
Volunteering Services

Add volunteering services to your list of fundraising ideas and it's like taking cash to the bank. What is volunteering services? It's where you get local businesses or individuals to donate services to your organization. Services such as, painting, building, carpentry, legals, accounting and book-keeping are all very useful if you get them for free!

These are things that would normally cost your organization money, so getting them donated is keeping you cash within your organization. Dont under-estimate this as a regular income fundraising activity.

Sometimes this can also get people interested in your organization, who wouldnt have previously thought about it. Maybe the person is only doing it because theyve been asked by a member to do it as a favor to that member. When they are there be sure to go along and thank them. But also have a chat with them where you gradually steer the conversation around to the organization and its benefits, so that you can gage whether or not they might be interested in getting involved.

Put this on your list of fundraising activities and get a few people assigned to going out around the local businesses. They are often willing to give more in services than they would in the cash equivalent, simply because it doesnt feel to them as if they are giving away much.

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