How to effectively market your fundraising program

In order to effectively market your fundraising program for your community organization, you must first build a strong relationship with your local community.

Marketing is all about creating a buzz around your fundraising activities. Most community organizations have a very limited marketing budget so a TV advertising campaign is not a realistic option. You'll most likely be limited to relatively low key marketing techniques. That is why you must create a buzz within the local community before even starting, marketing your fundraising program.

By the time you come to marketing your fundraising program you need to have already grabbed people's attention. When you have their attention they will be drawn to your marketing messages automatically; in fact some of them will even be looking out for your marketing messages. So just how do you grab their attention prior to marketing your fundraising program?

That's easy! Use people-focused relationship building, as the central theme of your fundraising strategies. Use the powers of persuasion as your primary relationship build technique. When people begin to focus on your community organization then your marketing will be truly effective.

Marketing your fundraising program for a community organization is truly hands-on marketing. Even when you've got people's attention you still need to make your marketing materials as effective as is possible. Your advertisements should be catchy.

How many times have you seen ads for community organizations say something like, "Night at the races in the community center on Saturday night"? Well, Zzzzzzzz. Jazz it up a little. Say something like, "Feel like Donald Trump. Own your own racehorse this weekend! Come to our Night at the races on Saturday night and be lord of the manor. One of the first things to grab people's attention is a picture, so go ahead and put one on your ad.

When you start to market your fundraising program, keep it relatively simple and above all, make it fun. Advertise in as many places as is possible, your website, local press, around the community etc.

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