Nonprofit Fundraising Events
Draws & Raffles

These are one of the most simple, yet effective, nonprofit fundraising events. Theyre great when you need to raise a couple of thousand relatively quickly. Its not hard to sell 500, $5 tickets for a prize of $500 (or $300, $150 & $50). Almost anyone will buy at least one ticket for a draw like that but you can go a little higher by using the contrast principle.

For example you could raise the price for one to $10 and sell those by first offering 3 for $25. The $10 doesnt seem much when compared to $25. Small draws and raffles are good for new volunteers who are cutting their teeth.

You typically dont want the whole campaign to last for more than a month for smaller draws and it helps if you have a function within that time so that you can sell tickets there as well.

My organization runs half-time draws at big football games and that pulls in an easy $500-$1000. Thats not bad for the efforts of 5 or 6 volunteers for just an hour. If your organization has any functions with a few hundred people dont miss out on such opportunities.

We often do little mini-draws where we get our young members to sell all of the tickets and these are always directly linked to equipment for their benefit, e.g. playing gear. This gets them used to the concept of fundraising and teaches them that money just doesn't materialize out of thin air!

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