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Snail Racing

Snail racing is the latest in nonprofit fundraising events. It makes for an exciting new alternative to the traditional night at the races. Its true to say that a night at the races has always been a very popular fundraiser but like everything else, sometimes you need a change.

Fundeo are the pioneers of Snail Racing. The race packs come on either video or DVD, with a choice of 4, 6 or 8 races. Each race and the accompanying paperwork come personalized with the details of your race and snail sponsors.

Youll even have an on-screen host known as Peedy the Parrot, who runs the show and saves you standing at a microphone! There are few nonprofit fundraising events that come close in terms of entertainment.

Snail racing.

Number 6 seems to be going well!

Snail racing

Four wins. Though he wasn't very nice to six!

The event packs are so easy to use that you can relax and enjoy all the fun of the night or have a very hectic night serving refreshments at your bar! Essentially, snail races are shown on video, the audience place fixed price 'bets' on a winner, and the organizers pay a percentage of the overall takings to the winning ticket holders.

Because of the way that the ticket sales are arranged the 'betting' is really a lottery and no special licence is required. (See the legality section in 'your zone' to be reassured). The Fundeo Snail Races have 8 contestants.

The sequence for each race is as follows:

1) An introduction. Peedy explains the procedure for the Fundeo Snail Racing and the 'betting'.

2) The Line Up. The names of the snails and snail sponsors (if desired) are shown on screen before each race. The punters pick the snail(s) they think might win and place their 'bets'.

3) On-Screen Interval. There is then an animated interval of 5 minutes with music, during which Peedy encourages your audience to purchase tickets and seek refreshment.

4) Snail Details. After the interval Peedy introduces each snail by name and conducts a 'live' interview by 'satellite' with one of our super-champ, snail athletes!

5) The race. There is a 'foot-stomping' countdown to the race start. The snails then set-off to the blast of a shotgun and speed over hurdles and past obstacles to the finish line with full multimedia 'crashes and bangs' and a vivid race commentary. All the races are fun, exciting and highly entertaining.

6) The results. The results are announced by Peedy and are listed on-screen. Some of the snails may be disqualified for bad behaviour or cheating. Some may get squashed, shot, meet a 'sticky' end or for any other reason may not finish the race! A picture of the winning ticket is shown on the screen to confirm the results. The tickets for each race are coloured differently for ease of use.

Snail Racing provides excellent value for money both for you as organisers and for your sponsors and the audience. It you're looking for a fresh, new alternative for your nonprofit fundraising events, take a look at the Fundeo website for futher details (including a demo).

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