Online donations using secure payments.

Online donations are now possible for even the smallest of community organizations. If you have a website, the rest is easy. Most secure payment vendors take you through a simple step by step process in order to integrate their payments machinery into your existing website. You don't have to be an expert on website creation to do it.

I highly recommend PayPal for community organizations. They have everything you need to take accept donations right from your site and its really easy to integrate. The beauty about PayPal is that theyve got a free shopping cart as well, which is really handy if youre selling merchandise. You can open an account for free and you dont pay them anything unless you actually receive a payment. Even then its only around 3.5 % of the transaction. Youll need to open a Premier account or a Business account to receive payments from your site.

The other vendors worth considering are WorldPay and 2Checkout

If you are selling electronic goods (such as eBooks) then Clickbank is a good option.

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