Picture fundraising
A Great Community Fundraiser

Picture fundraising is an easy and painless way for your community organization to raise money. There are many ways it can be structured and there are lots of companies to choose from. Perhaps the best way to explain it is by an example.

ENFOCUS Photography is one of the companies who will run a picture fundraising event on behalf of your organization. You simply arrange a date with them and they'll bring along all the equipment needed on the day. You'll need to sell some session certificates prior to the event, but that's about it.

Two cheeleaders

The session certificates cost around $20 and they entitle the purchaser to a one hour family photo session with up to 12 members. A 10"x13" portrait is included in the price. As you sell each certificate make sure you schedule a time for the session, on the day of the event.

Your organization is required to sell a minimum of 30 sessions before the picture fundraising event is ready to go. The beauty is that the entire proceeds from the session sales go straight into your coffers! That means if you're able to sell 100 sessions then you'll pocket almost $2,000.

On the day you'll need someone to act as a receptionist to keep track of the schedule and who has attended etc. Each family will be able to view their pictures using state-of-the-art digital imaging equipment, right after the session ends. They'll be to order additional prints for delivery in 3-6 weeks.

As you can see this fundraising idea is not difficult, so it's well worth considering for your list.

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