The reasons to volunteer are also the benefits

Why volunteer? Your reasons to volunteer are vital to whether or not you're going to enjoy volunteering for a local community organization. The reasons to volunteer are just as important for existing volunteers as they are for those just considering it.

Too many people volunteer under duress. Community organizations have traditionally been short on volunteers, so the leaders generally resort to using some sort of emotional pressure to get people to help out. Often this emotional pressure would be targeted at the parents of the younger members, or at friends and family of existing members.

If today's community organization leaders took the people-focused approach to community fundraising they would be able to attract volunteers for all the right reasons. A few years back I would have happily employed the emotional pressure approach simply because I couldn't see any alternatives. Not any more!

Why the change of heart you might ask? Well, the main reason is that I discovered a people-focused approach to volunteer recruitment and community fundraising. With respect to volunteering, I discovered that people can only truely be happy volunteering if they fully understand "why" they are doing it.

Why, looks like a small word, but in terms of volunteering it is huge. Those reasons to volunteer are often fully contained in the benefits package of the particular community organization. The benefits package (or message) is a list of the benefits that the community organization brings to the local community.

When you're looking for your reasons to volunteer for a local community organization, you needn't look any futher than that benefits package. There are precious few reasons to volunteer outside of these.

When you're thinking about volunteering, you should look at the benefits package of all those organizations you are considering. Do plenty of research before taking the plunge. Have a look at their websites or go talk to some of the leaders or members. Ask them what benefits their organization offers to the local community. When considering the question, why should you volunteer for a particular organization, the answer will lie in how much you believe in that organization's benefits package.

When you find a community organization, whose benefits you believe in, then and only then will you enjoy volunteering. If you're not sold on the benefits then you'll end up getting frustrated, which will ultimately lead to you quitting. That doesn't help you or the community organization.

Volunteering for a community organization is an extremely worthwhile cause. Most community organizations bring a whole host of benefits to the community (many of which are not always obvious). Take a look at a few community organizations around your way and see if the reasons for volunteering stack up for you. If you're already a volunteer, focus on the benefits package your community organization brings to the local community. Once you're clear on your reasons to volunteer, you'll begin to really enjoy it.

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