Recycling For Fundraising

Recycling for fundraising is an easy way for you to raise funds for your community organization. The main recycling items for fundraising are printer cartridges and cell phones.

You may be able to locate some companies who will offer cash for recycling newspapers and aluminum cans but I'd recommend starting off with cell phones or ink jet cartridges.

You can bet that almost every household in your community has some old cell phones just waiting to be dumped. If you let people know that your community organization collects them then people will just give them to you for free. When you send a batch to the recycling company they'll send you a check.

Cell For Cash specialise in recycling mobile phones so go have a look at their site to see how easy it is for your organization to profit.

Cell For Cash

When people buy a printer for their home it is usually the type that uses ink jet cartridges. If you've got access to a good supply of used cartridges then have a look at Free Recycling.

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