Scratch Card Fundraising

Scratch card fundraising is a novel way to get the people of your community to support your organization. The idea is that you take the cards out around the community and get people to agree to donate the amount they reveal by scratching off one of the little panels! The amount is usually between 50 cents and $3. As a thank you for their donation the donor will get some discount coupons for well known retailers.

There are various suppliers for scratch cards. They will usually put your group name and logo on the cards and they also supply the discount coupons. One of the best suppliers I have come across is Skratchers. They charge $20 per card and with each card containing $100 worth of donations you'll pocket $80 in profit. They also throw in some free cards depending on how many you order.

Again this is a particularly good fundraiser for your younger members. You'll have more success if you target the funds at something specifically for them such as new playing gear or uniforms. It usually only takes about 15 to 20 donors to complete each card. If you got 30 youth members to take a card each and they all complete them, thats $80 x 30 = $2400. Pretty good for very little work.

Scratch card fundraising is simple, there's no product, the cards never expire and its very easy to understand.

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