Volunteer appreciation gifts

Volunteer appreciation gifts are a great way to acknowledge the great work that your fundraisers do for your organization. Your gifts don't need to be extravagant. Those volunteers will already be happy if they are bought into your benefits message as the reason why they are volunteering. Quite often they just need you to say thank you.

I often find that small gifts such as some of your club merchandise are perfect. A gift of a nice polo top or jacket with your organization's branding will make most volunteers feel appreciated.

Your gifts can also take the form of a meal or a volunteers evening with finger foods. You should consider taking your volunteers out for a meal at Christmas time. Something around $20-$30 a head is fine.

Most volunteers aren't looking for you to buy them big gifts, they're just looking for you to say, "Thank you. I know the work your do for this organization is very valuable and I really appreciate the fact that you are giving up some of your free time to doing it".

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