Wristband Bracelets For Fundraising

Wristband bracelets for fundraising are a simple cost effective idea for your community organization. They are a perfect way to introduce your younger members to the world of community fundraising.

Wristband bracelets.

The best wristband bracelets for fundraising are those manufactured using silicone. I have found that the rubber version is not nearly as durable. The other main thing to consider is the method that the vendor uses to put your lettering on the bracelet. Look for vendors who do it using a debossing technique to mold the letters into the silicon. Some vendors just print the lettering on the surface, which is not as long lasting because it tends to flake off.

The bracelets come in a wide range of colors and styles. The plain bracelets are the most popular but you can also get a marble effect where they mix two colors. You can generally opt for text on one or both sides of the wristband. The better vendors will offer a variety of sizes from 8-9" for adults right down to 5-6" for children.

I would particularly recommend Reminder Band for community organizations. As well as using debossing to mold the letters into the silicone wristbands, they have a really small minimum order size of 20. That's great when you want to experiment before buying a larger quantity. They ship most orders within 7 business days and there are no set-up fees.

The added bonus with wristband bracelets for fundraising is that you can have them manufactured complte with your organization's logo. This is a great way to engender a sense of pride within the people of your local community, with respect to your community organization. This is especially true with the younger people.

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