The Youth volunteer is your future

The key to keeping a youth volunteer interested is giving them a gentle introduction to the world on fundraising. That means leading them through a series of baby steps until they are ready to do some more high-profile fundraising.

Start them off on the most basic fundraising task you can find. That may or may not involve direct contact with the public. The most important thing is that they succeed at their first few tasks. You must choose tasks for each individual where you feel there is a high probability of success. This feeling of success is vital for instilling confidence in the young person.

Some will be ready to go out selling straight off whilst others will need to start off with something that involves no public contact. That could be designing the tickets for a draw or sorting out and recording merchandise that others will sell.

As the youth volunteer gains in confidence then you'll be able to assign them to progressively more challenging fundraising tasks. One of the most important aspects to youth fundraising is that the young people actually enjoy it. I always try to promote a feeling of self-sufficiency within the youth volunteer. We get some of your young teams to organize themselves to raise money for new playing kits. We just give them a few pointers and let them loose.

Many groups like boy scouts and girl guides sell items like cookies and chocolate to raise funds for their organizations. These make great starter tasks for your younger youth volunteer (i.e. under 16s). Tasks like this get them into the habit of raising money for your organization. It teaches them to set targets, make decisions and take on responsibility. For many youngsters this will be their first exposure to the business world and this is of great benefit to them outside of your organization as well.

It sometimes helps with the motivation of the youth volunteer, if they know that the full amount they raise goes directly to something that is an obvious benefit to them. That could be something like buying a new set of playing gear or new equipment for their school.

There are plenty of sources on the net where you will find merchandise to sell and the range is wide and varied. Take a look at our fundraising ideas page for some examples.

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